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Pedestal Fan FS 65 Ø650mm Unassembled Kit


Pedestal Fan FS 65 Ø650mm Unassembled Kit

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Our robust, industrial construction Pedestal Mounted Cooling Fans are supplied with 3-speed single phase 220V motors, heavy cast iron base, height-adjusting telescopic stand, optional oscillating function, cable, and South African 3-pin plug. The pedestal mounted fans are portable and can be positioned where they are needed most. Suitable for use in factories, workshops, restaurants, bars, clubs, sport & recreational areas, public queuing, walkways and seating areas, and farming enterprises such as greenhouses and livestock (animal husbandry).
The fans provide comfort by delivering a powerful cooling breeze in hot areas, removing heat stress, and promoting a healthy environment. Spare parts are readily available. The fans are supplied in kit form with full instructions for onsite assembly.

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Weight 23.50 kg
Dimensions 97.50 × 75.50 × 17.50 cm