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Maxiflow fan GFW-750-MSDS-0.75KWT

Maxiflow fan GFW-750-MSDS-0.75KWT

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Maxiflow fan GFW-750-MMDS-0.75KWT Greenhouse Ventilation Fan without shutters. These low-speed fans offer an efficient, economical, durable, and low-noise solution for ventilation of large indoor spaces. The substantial airflow delivered by these tried & tested fans can either be used in replacement-air, or exhaust/extraction-air applications, to provide cooling and air movement, thus improving the work environment in the buildings. In industrial spaces they are used to reduce the heatload and humidity created by machinery, manufacturing equipment, staff, and solar energy. In agricultural spaces they are used in greenhouses, and in animal husbandry such as poultry houses and cow sheds to provide optimal conditions for the plants and animals. In both scenarios they can be used in conjunction with wetwalls which utilise evaporation through CeLPaDS (evaporation media) to provide additional cooling.

Additional information

Weight 53.00 kg
Dimensions 80.00 × 40.00 × 90.00 cm

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