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Explosion Proof Eezi-vent Ventilator BTF30 Ø300 500 W 2P 220 V 50/60 Hz

Explosion Proof Eezi-vent Ventilator BTF30 Ø300 500 W 2P 220 V 50/60 Hz


Eezi-vent Explosion Proof Portable Ventilators are certified to safety standard: “Explosion Protected Ex db IIB T4 Gb”, and are widely used in underground cable maintenance, shipping, firefighting, pipe construction, oil machinery, chemical machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, and other hazardous areas requiring ventilation. Gases, vapours, and mists escape during the production, processing, transportation, and storage of flammable substances. Combustible dusts are also created during many processes, especially in the food industries. In these environments all equipment, including fans, must be certified safe for use. Explosion proof (anti-static) flexible hoses are available in 5 m and 10 m lengths. The fans are fitted with SINGLE PHASE 220-240 V 50/60 Hz explosion proof motors and on/off switches (Note: cable & plug is not included). The fans are fitted with handles for carrying to the position where they are required to operate. Safety guards are fitted both sides of the fan casing. Explosion proof certification is provided with this equipment. Maximum temperature 40° C. This equipment is intended for use by suitably qualified personnel in appropriate industrial applications only. Not intended for domestic use or for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities.

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Weight 17.00 kg
Dimensions 44.00 × 39.00 × 39.50 cm

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