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CelPad 0790w (1800+30)x600x100 Black


CelPad 0790w (1800+30)x600x100 Black

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CelPad 0790w (1800+30)x600x100 Black. NOTE: We have a large stockholding of CeLPaDs in various sizes and configurations. Please enquire directly with our sales staff to ensure you are purchasing the correct CeLPaD for your application. This special CeLPaD has a black protective coating to harden & protect the air inlet surfaces in harsh environments. It prevents bacteria, algae, & mineral salts from anchoring to the surface, and hardens the surface so that it can be repeatedly cleaned without damage to the CeLPaD. When air contacts with water, water absorbs thermal energy from the air to evaporate. CeLPaD amplifies and turns such a simple natural phenomenon into the most economical solution for providing optimal temperature & humidity. Made by specially impregnated cellulose matrix, CeLPaD rapidly absorbs water and provides a massive contact surface between air & water. When hot and dry air passes through wet CeLPaD, evaporation occurs, and the air is cooled down and humidified. CeLPaD is utilised in wetwalls, air-handling units, and evaporative cooling units in applications such as agricultural livestock houses, greenhouses, packing sheds, textile & garment manufacturing plants, industrial plants, spray painting booths, gas turbines, condenser pre-coolers, retail outlets, open air events, resorts & hotels, and private homes.

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Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

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