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ALCF30 Ceiling Fan 3.0M


SwiftFans Large Ceiling Fan model ALCF30 ø3.0 m

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A cost saving and energy efficient solution for air movement and ventilation in large spaces, effectively improving the air quality. Reduces heat stress on the inhabitants of the building. Improves productivity. These fans provide a three dimensional natural breeze over a large area, up to ten times the size of the fan diameter. Especially effective in tall, wide buildings where traditional and costly methods of ventilation are severely limited by physical obstacles. Also known as HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans. Fitted with PMSM motor and supplied in kit form with a variable speed controller. Please refer to our comprehensive brochure for more information. Typical applications include airports, railway & bus stations, logistics warehouses, public waiting rooms, animal husbandry, personnel cooling, places of worship, Dehumidification, de-stratification,industrial plants, automotove assembly plants, exhibition halls, supermarkets, greenhouses, and gymnasia.

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Weight 70.00 kg
Dimensions 140.00 × 62.00 × 33.00 cm