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SwiftFans Lite mission statement is to provide effective and aesthetically pleasing ventilation solutions, ease of installation, in a reliable, quality product.

The range consists of fans suitable for the most common mounting and application scenarios, complete with ancillaries to provide a one-stop-shop solution to almost any domestic and commercial ventilation requirement.

SwiftFans are designed to the highest efficiency, aesthetic, and noise standards.

For more information and technical specifications on our SwiftFans Lite range, download our BROCHURE.


All processes, from component manufacture, to assembly and testing, are carried out in a ISO9001 accredited manufacturing facility.


Motors are manufactured using silicon steel laminates and pure copper windings with bearings designed for long operational life. A thermal cut-out device is fitted inside the motor windings to protect the motor.

Fan casings & Impellers

Components are injection moulded using LG ABS plastic which provides superior impact resistance, has flame retardant properties, is UV resistant and has long lasting colour stability.


Our attractive branded packaging will compliment any retail store, and is manufactured using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.